The amazing breadth of industry resources allows me to curate your home with exactly the right balance and mix of pieces.  This includes custom-made items, rugs, art, furniture, accents...you name it, we'll scour every resource to fit our design concept and your budget.  We work regularly with numerous contractors, fnishers, cabinetmakers, and workrooms, enabling us to match the right people for the project and build the team to create a masterpiece. 

Design Concept and Development

Creating your design concept stems from listening and being involved with you, and everything you want to accomplish with your project.  I am keenly attentive to all the details necessary to achieve outstanding results.  

Design development includes space planning, field measurements, floor plans, layout, lighting plans, design sketches, and full design presentation with selection of materials, furnishings, and finishes.

Project Management

Ours is a critical role in the client/designer/architect/builder partnership.  On every project I efficiently and proactively handle all the details from design concept through completion.  I work closely with your contractors and installers in a hands-on approach - coordinating the trades and timing of the work, communiciating the design intent, troubleshooting on site alongside field professinoals - all to ensure the work is executed in accordance with our vision and plan.

Commercial Design

While all of the above is part of commercial design, it is especially noteworthy that in the process of design development, emphasis is placed on gaining a full understanding of your business, it's culture, identity and image, and your customer base.  Grounded in this knowledge, our design will accomplish exactly what you want to achieve by doing this project, and the message you want to communicate to your customers.

Universal Design

The ability to function, perform, and participate in our surroundings is critical to quality of life.  A specialty we are particularly proud of, Universal Design goes beyond ADA requirements of barrier-free access.  The goal is to create an adaptive environment for differently-abled people that provides an equal level orf comfort, independence, accessibility and assistance to all users.